Selection of dry food or wet food for your dog?

At mealtimes, your pet dog is exciting when you are pourding the dry food out of pocket or you are stiring wet food on the bowl. The comparison may help you choose. Do you know how to choose wet or dry food suitable for your dog. The comparison may help you choose:

Comparison of dry food and wet food

Decision choice between wet and dry food for your dog may encounter some difficulties. Dry food is easy to store, and before let your dog eat it, you should pound it as small piece so that your dog can easy to eat. Wet food usually contains less grain and more protein. Here are some comparisons:

Benefits of dry dog food:

+ Easy to store and estimation.

+ Food for teeth and gums of dog.

+ Help your dog does not have constipation.

+ Cost savings.

Weakness of dry dog food

+ According to the the Institute of protected animals, some dry food contain animal fat, some components unnecessary and unhealthy.

+ Contains high amounts of gluten.



Benefits of wet food ( canned food )

+ Contains some protein may be beneficial some dog.

+ Contains good moisture for the digestion and urinary tract.

+ Maybe preserved intil the wet food is opened.

Weakness of wet dog food

+ The dogs were gaining weight fast.

+ After opening the box, not for long, be cooled.



If you have a dog with special problems, It is best, you should consult your veterinarian for food recommendations.

Dogs like humans, they will have a reaction to different diets – some should need mainly proteins, some need more carbs, some dog conformable to dry food, some dog conformable to wet food.

Age: These puppies and older dogs suitable for wet food because it facilitate the process of hydration and easy for our teeth.

Overweight: Wet food with high protein content, which is what should give a dog a diet because it makes the dog feel full longer.However with the amount of protein in dry food can also be used.

Heath conditions:

Diabetes: Diets with low carb is the best quality.

Epilepsy: Diets high in protein, Whether wet or dry can reduce seizures.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: low protein diet is best, eating dry food, you should pound it as small piece.

Why premium dog food is the best choice ?

Whether dry or wet food ( canned food ),if the food is “premium” will be provide balanced nutrition for your dog. Premium foods for dogs cost between $ 25 to $ 50 per bag of 15 pounds (7kg). If you find this price too high, can consider premium food mixed with some food for your budget.


Benefits of premium food

+ There is little or no impurities.

+ All components are natural or organic.

+ There are no preservatives or artificial additives.

+ The components contained in it is good for dogs with digestive problems and dogs food allergies.

+ There Omega – 3 high, good for the dog’s coat.

+ Ensure and control the safety standards of health.

Mix it up !


Not always pay attention to your dog should eat more wet or dry food, because dogs can eat combinations in both dry and wet mode. Experts generally agree that the balance diet of a dog is a combination of the two diets. So, keep your dog healthy and happy with a suitable diet, provide full of energy for our operations

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