Dogs ate everything from riding crops and knitting needles to someone else’s underwear in 2015

A nationwide survey of vets revealed that pets will often eat the most unusual items which later have to be removed via surgery

Sick Bulldog on Veterinarian's Table
Belly aching: But what could he have eaten that disagrees with him so much?

A riding crop and a nine-inch knitting needle were among the most unusual items uncovered during surgery on dogs.

One vet even found undies that did not belong to the owner’s partner.

Vets4Pets which has 353 practices round Britain carried out the survey to find the most unusual objects found in a dog’s stomach.

Their staff may have caught someone out when the vet found the dog had swallowed ‘underwear that belonged to someone other than the partner of the owner’.

Dr Huw Stacey, director of clinical services at Vets4Pets, said “Underwear and socks are not uncommon items that dogs can eat, but it’s highly unusual to find out they don’t belong to the owner or their partner.”

Pair of men's underpants
Pants: But who did they belong to?
A riding crop
How? A 21-inch long riding crop was recovered from one dog’s stomach
RexRubber chicken
Not real: A rubber chicken

However he said staff didn’t ask any questions.

“On those occasions the vet’s role is simply to remove the item or items and ensure the dog is fit and well before returning them to their owner.”

The survey was ordered after amazed staff at one surgery in Newton Abbot, Devon, had to remove an object from a boxer dog’s tummy and found it was a 21-inch long riding crop.

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Dr Stacey said “Of course dogs can often consume items left lying around the house, garden or outdoors, so it’s important that owners are aware of what their pet is doing, in case of an emergency.

Corn on the cob
In one: An entire corn on the cob
Christmas tinsel
Merry: Christmas tinsel

“Golf balls, ping pong balls and pebbles are commonly found, often requiring surgery to remove them, but the list we’ve compiled demonstrates that dogs can find a huge variety of items to eat, with or without their owner’s knowledge.

“In all the cases we’ve highlighted, the skill of the veterinary teams have ensured a happy ending…well, certainly for the dog.

“By highlighting these items we’re hoping to make owners aware that their pets can eat almost anything.

“Like all pets, dogs have certain dietary requirements and it’s important that receive a balanced healthy diet, which doesn’t include items such as chocolate, chicken bones or grapes.”Dog with collar on

No fun: A dog with a post-surgical collar

Top 10 unusual items discovered in dogs’ stomachs

  1. Underwear (not belonging to owner’s partner)
  2. Riding crop
  3. Carpet thread running length of body
  4. Needle and thread
  5. A whole baked potato
  6. Rubber chicken
  7. Tinsel
  8. A whole corn on the cob
  9. Dummy teat
  10. Barbie doll head (minus hair)

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