Can you give these poor pets abandoned at Christmas a happier New Year?

Pets abandoned at Christmas. Pictured - Cleo
Lonely this Christmas: Boxer-Staffy cross puppy Cleo is among the hundreds of unwanted animals left homeless

These sad pets are just some of the thousands dumped by their owners this Christmas.

They include eight-week-old boxer-Staffy cross Cleo, whose new family “couldn’t handle her”.

And tiny cross-breed puppy Symphony was abandoned at a rescue centre after she ripped open the kids’ presents on Christmas Eve.

Even a French Lop rabbit was left outside a vet’s just before the big day.

An RSPCA spokesman told the Sunday People: “It’s heartbreaking to see animals dumped at any time, but especially so at Christmas.”

If you can help give them a happier 2016, see the contact details below.


Boxer-Staffy cross Cleo was handed in to the All Dogs Matter charity in North London two days before Christmas.

Her family said the eight-week-old puppy was more than they could handle.alldogsmatter.co.uk
or email info@alldogs matter.co.uk


Pets abandoned at Christmas. Pictured - Symphony

Cross breed Symphony, just 16 weeks old, was dumped on Christmas Eve after she tore open the presents under the Christmas tree. The kids shouted at her and she nipped them.

The family told Many Tears Rescue in Llanelli, Wales, they would throw her on to the street if the charity didn’t take her. manytearsrescue.org


Pets abandoned at Christmas. Pictured - Holly

Ten-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Holly was in a terrible state when she was dumped. But London- based Rescue Remedies is treating her and will look to rehome her. rescueremedies.co.uk/


Pets abandoned at Christmas. Pictured - Repo

Repo, a Border Collie, was taken to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on Christmas Eve after there was a change of circumstances in the home he was living in. He is now looking for a new family. battersea.org.uk/


Pets abandoned at Christmas. Pictured - Pudding

Shih-Tzu cross Pudding was found tied up in the rain on Christmas Eve. Thought to be around six or seven, his coat was so matted he couldn’t see. He’s now at the RSPCA’s centre in Exeter. rspca-littlevalley.org.uk/


Pets abandoned at Christmas. Pictured - Misty

Misty Blue is an affectionate tortoiseshell cat handed in to TAG Pet Rescue in Kent on Christmas Eve for reasons unknown. She is now looking for a new local family.tagpetrescue.co.uk


Pets abandoned at Christmas. Pictured - Hercules

Gentle giant Hercules is a friendly French Lop rabbit weighing 5kg. He was dumped outside a vet’s in a cardboard box in Kent shortly before Christmas Day.foalfarm.org.uk


Pets abandoned at Christmas. Pictured - Santa

Six-week-old kitten Santa’s Little Helper was taken to the RSPCA’s Millbrook Animal Centre in Surrey. He had been given to a family as an unwanted Christmas gift.rspca-millbrook.org.uk

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