[Video] Confused rescue dog makes friends with toy pup it thinks is real in this adorable video

They say a dog is man’s best friend but in this adorable video this inquisitive Boxer finds the perfect buddy in the shape of a soft toy.

This cute pup called Apache is absolutely convinced his new found friend is a real life companion – having a good old sniff.

Initially the 18-month-old Boxer/Bullmastiff is wary of his new battery operated friend, called Stella, even backing off slightly from the significantly smaller animal.

But after deciding Stella is friendly and not scared off by his investigations, Apache starts by moving his massive paws and nose towards the moving teddy.

After going in for a first sniff, he then backs off again as the stuffed toy starts to dance more vigorously.

YouTubeDog thinks toy is real
Confused: this boxer dog is convinced his new pal is the real deal

While owner Nikki Rakowiecki, 39, filmed the whole thing Apache finally gets involved and shoves his face into Stella, knocking her over on to her back.

Just like all dogs, he can’t resist a sniff which further confused him the shock that Stella wasn’t a real dog.

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YouTubeDog thinks toy is real
Let’s play: Apache tries to engage with toy dog Stella who uses batteries to bark

Nikki, from Macomb in Michigan, USA, said: “Stella was a fifth birthday gift to our daughter Emmali in early December.

“Apache met her the day after she got him – his reaction to her was no surprise, he is a curious dog by nature.

“He is also very loving and for as big as he is he is very gentle.”

Along with Nikki and Emmali, Apache lives with Nikki’s husband John and Emmali’s twin brother Aleks.

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Nikki added: “A friend of mine runs a dog rescue and when I showed Apache to John we both agreed we needed to have him live with us.

“Being close to 90lbs he never uses his weight against us.

“Unless he is comfortable on the couch and we try to move him.

“Then he plays dead so that makes him that much harder to move.”

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