What would you do if your dog is overweight?

Your dog is overweight. Don’t worry.

You have to pay attention to the instructions on the food for your puppy, but it still overweight? Overweight dogs often have illness such as arthritis, diabetes, heart and respiratory. They also have more risk of death during surgery.There are some sign to realize that your puppy is overweight such as heavy breath, poor endurance, neglectful, over eating and had difficulty in standing up and climbing stairs.

The average weight appropriate for Dogs

Small Dogs: 5.5 -13.5 kg

Average Dogs: 13.5 – 25kg

Large dogs: 25 – 36.5kg

Larger  Dogs: 36.5 – 50kg

Oversized dogs: 50 – 59kg

How do you know your dog overweight?

If you are underweight, you can see their ribs because no fat filled, pelvis and collarbone will emerge.

If your dog has an ideal weight, you can easily touch the ribs but it is not visible easily, when viewed from above  that dogs have the waist and viewed from horizontal that dogs ‘s waist is hidden

If your dog is overweight, it is  difficult touch ribs, have a layer of fat around and they don’t have waist

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How to help your dog lose weight?

Diet: Foods containing protein and high carb are causes weight gain, so your dog should eat a balance diet is best . Weight loss foods are controversial so best not to give your dog use.

Exercise: You slowly strengthening workout for your dog, ideally, walking their dogs at least 2 times in 1 day every 30 minutes. You can play with your dog in the park. If you haven’t time, you can use treadmills for your dog.


Physical examination: Some diseases can cause weight gain in dogs quickly as hypothyroidism and Cushing syndrome.


Consider the breed: Pitbull UK, Dachshund. Pug and Dalmatians.

Advice: You should be care your dog with low calorie diets, eating more vegetables and exercising frequently. You should praise it as a reward. ( Taste of the Wild Review )

For exercise, consider swimming for your dog because it’s good for the joints or you can play “Follow me” with your dog and tempt your dog run around the house. Use any activity that you find useful. Good luck.

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